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Black Friday 2023: 15 Best Things To Buy & 10 Worst Things To Buy

Black Friday 2023: 15 Best Things To Buy & 10 Worst Things To Buy

Black Friday is finally here!!! For avid shoppers who have been anticipating the biggest shopping day of 2023, this is not news.  

Gone are the days when Black Friday deals start and end on that day. The traditional one-day experience now holds the entire weekend and continues on Cyber Monday. This means that you have at least four days of non-stop discounts popping up on most shopping sites.

Did you just think this is a lot? You are absolutely right. But to properly navigate the chaos, you need a plan. That's why we are here to help you make a solid shopping list and separate chaff from wheat. By the end of this article, you would have a good idea of what to buy and what NOT to buy this Black Friday.

Is Black Friday Even Worth It?

Some people are wary of wading into the Black Friday madness, while others jump in with both feet. One question is consistent with both groups: Is Black Friday really worth the hassle?

There are many amazing Black Friday deals but there are just as many bad deals. You should also note that you might not always get the cheapest or most reasonable deals. This is the time to do proper research on both the items and discounts offered.

Always check the difference between the discount offered and the recommended retail price. You can find this amount by checking other websites that offer the product. Also if you’re feeling iffy about a purchase, it’s not the end of the world. So don't hesitate to leave the cart.

The verdict: Black Friday is totally worth it so long as you follow the best online shopping practices.

The Best Things to Buy on Black Friday

I logged into my favorite online store a couple of minutes before writing this article and there were a lot of seemingly good deals. For someone who is not a savvy shopper, by Monday morning my house would have about ten boxes of UFC merchandise along with sneakers I don't need.

What's a good deal? What's a dud? Here's our list of things to buy on Black Friday:

1. Amazon Smart Speaker

One of the tips for safe online shopping is to read reviews of a product before buying it. Going by this, the Amazon Echo Dot should be on top of your shopping list. It has more than 375,000 reviews and a 4.7-star rating! Impressive!

Whether it is the original Echo speaker or the portable Echo Dot, Amazon smart speakers are still popular. The fourth-generation Echo has sold out on Amazon several times in the last three months. Its sleek and minimalist design makes it a great pick.

2. Apple iPad 9th-gen

Hundreds of tablets get churned out every quarter but the Apple iPad 9th-generation stands above its competition. It is in high demand and is already sold out on Amazon. This is one buy you definitely won't regret.

3. Throw blankets

Harmattan is almost here and some experts have predicted that the nights will be colder than usual. So having a cozy throw blanket on your wishlist is a great idea. There are many good deals on them. With high recommendations from over 54,000 people, this Sherpa blanket is a steal.

4. TVs

My earliest introduction to Black Friday was Hollywood movies. And the common theme was American shoppers standing in long queues for Television sets. Every year, most online shops give good deals on TVs and 2021 won't be any different.

So if you fancy any particular TV, you may want to order it now. With Heroshe's impeccable package handling, you don't have to worry about shipping it to Nigeria.

5. Nintendo Switch

Since the beginning of 2020, it has been hard to find this coveted gaming console. That hasn't caused its popularity to reduce. Earn the best uncle of the year mug by gifting this to your kids, nephews, and nieces.

6. Slippers

This one is specifically for women. Spoil yourselves, queens! There is usually a high demand for slippers towards the end of the year. With the demand though comes a lot of great Black Friday deals on them. Just look at this beautiful fluffy pair of slippers with 17,000+ 4.6-star reviews.

7. Gaming laptops

There is currently a shortage of chips in the world. This means that there will be a low supply of high-end phones and gaming laptops in the next couple of months. So be on the lookout for gaming laptops below $1,000 as that may be the last time you see them at that price till mid-2023.

8. Home decor

Does your home decor need a revamp? Do you need wall art, rugs, or mirrors for your house? Black Friday is the time to get the best deals on them from most retailers.

9. Video game consoles

The Playstation 5 and Xbox series X have both been around since November last year. Is the price now worth the upgrade? I'd like to think so. The demand for both consoles has been high over the last couple of months. This is a trend that will not stop during the 2021 holiday season even though the stock is quite low. So if you find consoles on your favorite online shopping site, don't hesitate to snap it up.

10. Small kitchen appliances

There are always great Black Friday deals on small kitchen appliances. Some of the items with deals include air fryers, slow cookers, microwaves, and coffee makers.

This is the best time to shop for these. It doesn't matter if you want to become the newest owner of an air fryer or you just want to give your favorite aunt a pressure cooker.

11. Cookware

Christmas is almost here and it is now time to change those pots and pans that you've left in your cupboard all these years. If it is going to feed you, there are probably many great Black Friday deals on your favorite online shopping stores.

12. Fitness trackers and wearable tech

If you peek into many people's New Year resolutions, becoming fitter is usually a common theme. Why not get a jump start on your resolutions now? There are many great Black Friday deals on smartwatches and rings like Fitbit, Apple Watch, and other good brands.

You will find deals on a wide range of smartwatches at your favorite online retail stores. You get even better deals when you buy older models.

13. Digital cameras, lenses, and accessories

Black Friday is like Christmas for photographers. This is because there are many nice bundle deals on DSLR or point-and-shoot cameras. Many of the deals offered by the retailers include free accessories as part of the bundle.

14. Headphones

If you need new headphones, Black Friday is the time to score great deals. There were huge discounts on JBL, Sony, and Beats at retailers like Best Buy, Target, and Walmart in 2020. We expect the trend to continue in 2021.

15. Smartphones

What is Black Friday without good deals on smartphones? The date is perfect for tech-lovers because most brands would have released their flagships. While the deals on these may not be great, there are usually better deals on phones released in the early half of the year.

Worst Things To Buy On Black Friday

1. Everyday goods

Most retailers don't apply discounts to items used every day like cleaning supplies, jeans, and underwear. This makes them some of the worst things to buy on Black Friday.

2. Jewelry

Black Friday is not the time to buy sparkly gems. Sara Skirboll, a shopping and trends expert at RetailMeNot, agrees. She said, "Shoppers should hold off on any jewelry purchases until after the New Year. While jewelry is a go-to gift for a loved one during the holidays, January brings savings in the form of Valentine's Day discounts."

3. Fitness Equipment

While there are great deals on smartwatches during Black Friday, the exact opposite applies to fitness equipment like dumbbells, kettlebells, and treadmills. January is the best time to get deals on this since retailers target people whose New Year's resolutions are to have a stronger workout regimen.

4. Perfume

Were you expecting perfumes or colognes to be on the list of best things to buy? Sorry to disappoint you. You might as well remove that LV on your wishlist because there won't be any good deal on it. There are usually no great deals on perfumes during Black Friday so don't have any expectations.

5. Apple Products (Through Apple)

Apple never holds Black Friday sales. The most they do is offer you gift cards if you buy their products at full price. The more expensive the item you bought, the bigger the gift card. This is not a great Black Friday deal e̶v̶e̶n̶ ̶i̶f̶ ̶i̶t̶ ̶i̶s̶ ̶s̶i̶g̶n̶i̶f̶i̶c̶a̶n̶t̶l̶y̶ ̶b̶e̶t̶t̶e̶r̶ ̶t̶h̶a̶n̶ ̶a̶ ̶t̶r̶e̶a̶s̶u̶r̶e̶ ̶h̶u̶n̶t̶.

6. Outdoor Furniture

This is one of the best items to buy during Black Friday. Most retailers put up outdoor furniture for sale during another Amazon shopping event - Labor Day. Save your money and wait till September next year.

7. Final Sale Items

Remember that running GIF of Forrest Gump? That should be you when you see items marked as final sales. Many of these items get listed by retailers who have money problems. Buying these items means if you have any problems with them, it would be impossible to get a refund, return, or exchange.

8. Bedding

Why buy bedding at a measly 10% discount on Black Friday when you can get them for 50 - 80% in January? Hold off on your bedding purchases until then.

9. Boxed Chocolate

Boxed chocolates are nice gifts for the holiday season but the Black Friday discounts aren't worthwhile. You are better off waiting till Valentine's Day and Easter.

10. Books

This is another site you shouldn't bother with during Black Friday. Some stores like Barnes and Nobles run special coupons but then they do that every other week.

If you are getting involved in the Black Friday madness, make sure it is worth your time. Don't visit stores to look at the items they have on sale and make real-time decisions as you will end up with a lot of impulse buys. Check for items on sale, research them and find the best price. Don't be that person who wakes up next Monday with a box full of UFC merchandise you don't need. That is all.

Heroshe's Services Amidst Black Friday and The Holiday Season

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Afolabi Ojabowale

Afolabi Ojabowale

Ojabowale Afolabi is the content marketing lead at Heroshe. I have a deep passion for telling brands' stories to educate their audiences across a breadth of media and content forms.