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20 Ridiculously Relatable Memes For Computer Village Business Owners

20 Ridiculously Relatable Memes For Computer Village Business Owners

Being a Computer Village business owner is like being cast in an episode of "Fuji House of Commotion." It is a whirlwind of activity; even looking down at Otigba Crescent from your shop window can make you breathless. It is never a dull moment, from the hustling boys who bring potential customers and act like the shop owner to negotiating with customers who can barely speak Pidgin English.

I recently met up with my childhood friend Izu, who recently visited Nigeria from Canada. When we started our careers, he had a used electronics store in Computer Village, and I handled his official social media accounts. Naturally, during our conversation, we spoke about the good old days, which inspired this article.

So, to look at the lighter side of this journey, we have put together funny, relatable memes that capture the essence of life as Computer Village vendors. We really hope they make you smile!

Let's Gooooo GIF

1. When Your Shop Isn't Giving What It's Supposed To Give

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Every Computer Village business owner knows the frustration of this. In your business proposal, you planned to own a shop in the best shopping complex, but based on one or two, you had to go waaaaay lower than expected. It will get better, my brother and sister.

2. Reality Check: "Was Starting a Business Worth It?"


Just a reminder... ...Running your own business isn't for the faint of heart, so give yourself a round of applause for doing the hard work to create the life you want. It's not always easy, but it's worth it. . . . . . #motivation #motivationmonday #motivational #motivationalmonday #mondaymotivation #businessowner #entrepreneur #meme #memes #funny #businessmeme #meninblack #smallbusiness #smallbiz #dreams #passion #success

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Every business owner faces this question at some point. The initial excitement of starting a business often gives way to the harsh realities of competition, financial management, and long hours. Remember, your challenges are shaping you into a stronger, more resilient entrepreneur. Keep pushing forward, and you go soon hammer!

3. The Business Rollercoaster: New vs. Experienced Owners

Skeleton Roller Coaster | Computer Village OGs with four failed business ideas; Newbies starting their first business | image tagged in skeleton roller coaster | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
Created for Heroshe using imgflip

The journey of running a business in Computer Village (or anywhere else for that matter) is much like a rollercoaster. New business owners often feel overwhelmed by the rapid twists and turns, from managing inventory to dealing with customer complaints. In contrast, seasoned business owners have learned to embrace the ride, taking each challenge in stride and enjoying the journey. If you are the scared, shocked rider right now, remember that every experienced business owner started where you are. 😉

4. Social Media Hustle


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♬ original sound - IYANDA 🫶🏻

Juggling multiple tasks is a daily reality for business owners. You might be trying to boost your online presence by creating engaging content, but trust customers to walk in when you start filming. It is a constant balancing act between marketing your business and providing excellent customer service. Don't let that stop you, though, CREATE!!!

5. Former 9-5ers Being Their Boss

Dog by itself | FORMER 9-5ERS BEING THEIR OWN BOSS | image tagged in dog by itself | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
Created for Heroshe using imgflip

Many business owners have transitioned from regular 9-5 jobs to running their businesses. The freedom of being your boss is awesome, but it also comes with the responsibility of managing everything on your own. My guy, you don try. Give yourself a pat on the back.

6. The Happy Dance When a Customer Pays


Small business memes Part47 CREDITS @mylaagroupofcompanies #smallbusinessowners #businessmemes #funnymeme #customerstorytime #startupcoach #onlinebusiness #studententrepreneur #smallbusinessmemesdaily #nigerianmemes #ghanamemes #memesforbusinessowners #mylaagroupofcompanies

♬ Metro - Hotkid & Yo X

Every business owner knows the thrill of completing a sale. Whether it is your first sale of the day or a big order, the moment a customer pays, it is hard not to dance like David danced! Celebrate every success, no matter how small.

7. Random Existential Crisis

SpongeBob existential crisis | recession; agbero; cancel everything; $1=₦1494; record unemployment; increased customs clearing fee; coup in neighboring West African countries; Fuel scarcity; No light and increased tariffs; TRYING TO INCREASE SALES, BUY A HOUSE, START A FAMILY | image tagged in spongebob existential crisis | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
Created for Heroshe using imgflip

The economic landscape can be overwhelming for Nigerian business owners. Balancing business growth with personal aspirations amid rising costs and economic instability is a constant struggle. Stay focused on your goals, seek innovative solutions, and remember that every small step forward is progress.

8. One Minute You Have Money, The Next You Don't


IYKYK #smallbusiness #sellingsmall #smallbusinessmemes #fyp #smallbusinessowner #shopourcommunity #smallbusinessbudget #womeninbusiness #entrepreneur

♬ original sound - Shop Our Community l Deb

Business owners are all too familiar with the fluctuating nature of income. One day, they might close several big sales, and the next day, they go de find urgent 2k. Financial fluctuations are normal, but you can endure tough times with smart planning and persistence. Stay jiggy.

9. The Grass is Greener

Distracted Boyfriend Meme | 9-5ERS; STARTING A BUSINESS IN COMPUTER VILLAGE; THEIR STABLE JOB | image tagged in memes,distracted boyfriend | made w/ Imgflip meme maker

Many Computer Village business owners started their journey from a regular 9-5 job, lured by the prospect of freedom and the potential for greater financial rewards. However, the reality of entrepreneurship is far more challenging than many anticipate. The desire to start your own business is a powerful motivator. If you're in a 9-5 job dreaming of entrepreneurship, remember that it requires hard work, resilience, and adaptability. Plan carefully, learn continuously, and take calculated risks.

10. The Multi-Hat Meltdown


When you are a small business owner in a middle of a breakdown! 😩 It’s okay we all have been there ♥️ #Meme #MemeCut #smallbizlife #excelforbusiness #entrepreneurmind

♬ original sound - Excel tips + Spreadsheets

As a Computer Village business owner, you often play multiple roles—manager, accountant, marketer, and more. On days when everything seems to go wrong, even a simple Excel error can feel like the last straw. Remember, it is okay to have tough days. Each hat you wear is a testament to your versatility and dedication. When faced with technical frustrations, take a deep breath, step back, and tackle the problem one step at a time. YOU ARE DOING GREAT!

11. Showing Confidence to the World While Hiding Fears and Doubts

Homer Simpson's Back Fat | YOUR MINDSET; YOUR FEARS AND DOUBTS | image tagged in homer simpson's back fat | made w/ Imgflip meme maker

As a Computer Village business owner, you often need to present a strong and confident front to customers, employees, and competitors, even when you feel uncertain. Whether it is concerns about meeting financial goals, handling competition, or overcoming market challenges, these hidden fears are part of the entrepreneurial journey.

12. When a Customer Comes Back for a Repeat Order


Small business owners will understand! We love repeat customers! #smallbusiness #etsysmallbusiness #shopsmall #Meme #MemeCut

♬ original sound - ElowenAndElm

As a business owner, there is nothing quite like the feeling when a customer returns for more. It is a validation of your hard work, quality products, and excellent service. Repeat customers are a testament to your business’s success and the trust you have built with your clientele.

13. Stability vs Business Ownership

Two Buttons Meme | working 24/7 as a business owner; staying at their 9-5; ENTREPRENEURS | image tagged in memes,two buttons | made w/ Imgflip meme maker

Many Computer Village business owners have faced the difficult decision of leaving the stability of a 9-5 job for the unpredictable and demanding life of entrepreneurship. I totally understand the internal struggle between the comfort of a steady paycheck and the dream of owning and running your own business. Making the leap from a 9-5 job to becoming a full-time business owner is a courageous decision. Both paths have their challenges, but the rewards of entrepreneurship can make it worth the hard work and long hours. Trust your instincts and remember that the journey is part of the adventure.

14. The Midnight Epiphany


That time of night where we cosplay as someone who has a bedtime routine and actually knows how to relax. 😬 #smallbusinessowner #entrepreneurship #entrepreneurtok #nochill #smallbusinessmemes

♬ original sound - GoDaddy Studio

As a Computer Village business owner, your mind is always buzzing with ideas and solutions. Sometimes, the best ideas come when you least expect them—like when you are trying to fall asleep. Embrace your creativity and be prepared for inspiration to strike at any moment.

Keep a notebook by your bed to capture those late-night ideas.

15. The Humble Birthday

Amy sad birthday the big bang theory | FIRST BIRTHDAY AFTER OPENING 
COMPUTER VILLAGE STORE | image tagged in amy sad birthday the big bang theory | made w/ Imgflip meme maker

The first year of running your business often requires significant financial sacrifices. Extravagant personal celebrations take a back seat as you invest time and money into growing your enterprise. While the celebrations might be small now, they signify the beginning of greater successes ahead. Keep pushing forward, and soon you will have even more reasons to celebrate in grander ways.

16. The Waiting Game


Who else is guilty of this ?😂😂🌚 I’m sure all business owners can relate #smallbusiness #businessowner #viralvideos #viral #funnyvideos #fyp #foryoupage #trending

♬ original sound - Seekersluxurywears

Every business owner knows the feeling of sending account details to potential customers and anxiously waiting for confirmation of payment. It is a nerve-wracking experience, especially when there is radio silence on the other end. Don't let the waiting game get you down. While it is frustrating not to hear back immediately, remember that patience is key in business.

17. The Passionate Business Owner

Kim Kardashian shouting | IF YOU HAD A F@KING BUSINESS THAT YOU WERE PASSIONATE ABOUT THEN YOU WOULD KNOW WHAT IT TAKES TO RUN A F@KING BUSINESS BUT YOU DON'T! | image tagged in kim kardashian shouting | made w/ Imgflip meme maker

Business owners pour their heart and soul into their ventures, facing countless challenges and sacrifices along the way. It can be frustrating when others fail to grasp the dedication and hard work required to run a successful business. While it's frustrating when others don't understand the complexities of running a business, take pride in your passion and commitment. Keep focusing on your goals, and let your success be the ultimate response to those who doubt your abilities.

18. Money For Hand...

Do you ever have customers who want their items before making payments? I have heard too many stories that touch, so please collect your money before making deliveries o!

19. Handling Customer Orders with Style

salt bae | PACKING CUSTOMERS ORDERS LIKE | image tagged in salt bae | made w/ Imgflip meme maker

Whether it is carefully wrapping products, adding personalized touches, or ensuring items are securely packaged, you should always strive to deliver orders with style. Embrace your inner Salt Bae and pack customer orders with flair and finesse. Each order is an opportunity to showcase your dedication to customer satisfaction and leave a lasting impression. Keep sprinkling that magic!

20. It Will All Be Worth It in the End


As a Computer Village business owner, you encounter obstacles and setbacks on your entrepreneurial journey. However, as a steeze filled person, maintain 100% composure and unwavering belief that your hard work and dedication will pay off in the end. Keep smiling knowing that every challenge you overcome brings you one step closer to your goals.

Trust in your abilities, stay focused on your vision, and remember that the journey is as important as the destination. It will all be worth it in the end! Love and swift delivery!

Afolabi Ojabowale

Afolabi Ojabowale

Ojabowale Afolabi is the content marketing lead at Heroshe. I have a deep passion for telling brands' stories to educate their audiences across a breadth of media and content forms.