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Destination Corner: A Visit to Santorini, Greece

Destination Corner: A Visit to Santorini, Greece

Your eyes have been closed for a while, and you open them to a lovely view of the sun setting. As the sun dips below the horizon, preparing to rise somewhere else, the sky comes alive with a beautiful palette of colours–oranges, pinks and purple. You don’t want to enjoy the view alone, so you grab a wine in hand, and the soft murmur of the conversation around you leaves you feeling giddy, like the main act in a romantic movie. From where you are perched, you can see the iconic washed buildings with their blue domes, the Aegean Sea and the aroma of sweet food calling out your name.  You say, “This isn’t a movie nor a postcard; this is Santorini.”

Santorini is a place where beautiful sunsets paint the sky, letting it come alive, and where the whispers of the volcanic ruins have morphed into a breathtaking city overlooking the sea. Here, history whispers from the ruins of ancient cities, and cobbled streets lead to hidden tavernas filled with laughter.

Adventure awaits in Santorini, and we will embark on it together. Get your visas and tickets ready. We are going to Santorini.

The Best Time to Visit Santorini

The best time to visit Santorini will depend on your schedule, preferences, and priorities. Let’s review some of the seasons and their offerings. 

Shoulder Seasons: Mid-April to June and September to October:|
Most people prefer to visit during the shoulder season. During this period, the weather is warm and pleasant. You'll avoid the large crowds of the peak season, meaning you can explore the island's attractions leisurely. Accommodations and flights are generally more affordable during these times as well. Many businesses and restaurants are open so you won't miss out on the sizzling aromas and the wine.

High Season: July and August: 
If you need high energy during your stay, the summer is the best period to visit as it is the peak season for tourism in Santorini. The weather is hot and sunny so you can go swimming and sunbathing. During this period, the island is buzzing with energy, there is a lot of crowd, and you have a wide range of activities to choose from. It is also extremely crowded, with prices for accommodations and flights at their highest. Popular attractions can be overrun with tourists, and getting around can be more difficult.

Low Season: November to March:
This is when you will get a peaceful and serene escape. Tranquillity falls on the island, and you can also see most attraction sites closed during this period. While the weather can be unpredictable, with occasional rain and cooler temperatures, you'll have the opportunity to experience Santorini's authentic charm without the crowds. This is also a time for  beautiful conversations with the locals as they reel you with stories of their history

Things to Do in Santorini

There is always something to do while in Santorini. From walks to cruises, food and wine tasting and enjoying sunsets, your itinerary will always be full of activities. Let’s go over some specifics:

Views to Behold

Oia Village: 
If you’ve seen pictures of blue-domed churches and white-washed buildings, that’s a sight from the iconic Oia. Known for it’s stunning sunsets and nice places, you can stroll through the narrow streets, browse unique shops and boutiques and enjoy the sunset. 

Oia, Santorini, Greece

Fira Town: 
In Fira–the capital of Santorini, you can wander through markets, visit the Archaeological Museum of Thira, and take a cable car ride down to the old port for a boat excursion. The town is also located just along the Caldera, so there is enough sight to see.

Learning History

Santorini's rich history dates back to ancient times, and remnants of its past can be found throughout the island.

Akrotiri Archaeological Site: 
There is a whole bronze age settlement that is currently buried under volcanic ash, and a visit to the Akrotiri Archaeological Site will take you back in time.

Ancient Thera: 
In ancient times, Thera was just another unimportant settlement. However, as times changed, the city's role changed as well. Now, as a tourist, you can have a glimpse of what this city is like. Situated on a mountain ridge, you can still find remains of its temples, theatres, and buildings. 

Akrotiri Archaeological Site: 

Taking Tours

Do you think you’re not more of a tour person? Think again. In Santorini, you can take group trips to volcanic islands, go hiking to see cities and active volcanoes, sail on the Catamaran, swim in coves, and dive into crystal clear waters. You can also relax on the unique black, red, and white sand beaches littered all over the island.

Taste the Island's Flavors

Tourists describe the island's food and wine as a glorious delight, and you can indulge in this delight when you go food and wine tasting in restaurants and tavernas. 

Places to stay in Santorini

Accommodation will be one of your biggest expenses while on the island. It is always advised to book hotels, suits, or apartments beforehand so you'll know where you'll be staying while on vacation.

A lot of travellers like to stay on the edge of the Caldera so they can enjoy the picturesque view. Though more expensive, the promise of the infinity pools and watching the sunset makes it in hot demand. 

Fira and Oia are lavish locations to stay at, with the promise of luxury and top hotels. There's also a high chance of finding spacious cave houses converted into stylish suites. 

You can find more affordable hotel options in Imerovigli, Akroritri, and Megalochori. If you're looking for a more peaceful place to stay, these villages offer the solitude and quietness you seek. Plus you can always access the main cities and beaches from them.

Want to enjoy a seaside view while on a budget? Kamari and Perissa are places to try out. You can enjoy the beach, wine tasting and food touring while you're here. And if you need to see a movie, the cinemas on the island are on Kamari.

Budgeting for Your Santorini Getaway

The amount of money you need for a trip to Santorini can vary widely depending on your travel style, preferences, and the length of your stay. Let's look at some of the major expenses you'll make;


Luxury hotels: €300-€1000+ per night
Mid-range hotels: €150-€300 per night
Budget hotels and guesthouses: €50-€150 per night


Fine dining: €50+ per person
Mid-range: €25-€50 per person
Local tavernas: €15-€25 per person
Street food/snacks: €5-€10 per person


Flights: This will depend on your origin and time of booking

  • From Athens: €30-€60 per person
  • Inter-island ferries: €5-€20 per person

Local buses: €1.80-€2.50 per ride
Taxis: €15-€25 for short trips, more for longer distances
Car rentals: €40-€60 per day


Boat trips: €30-€100+ per person
Wine tours: €40-€80+ per person
Museum entrance fees: €5-€10 per person
Beach clubs: €20-€50+ per person 

Packing Essentials for Santorini

While packing for your Santorini getaway, remember these essentials to ensure you're prepared for the island's sun-drenched days and breezy evenings:

The Greek sun is intense, so pack a high-SPF sunscreen to protect your skin. 

Comfortable shoes:
You will be walking on cobblestone streets and uneven terrain, so comfortable sandals, sneakers, or hiking boots are needed.

A wide-brimmed hat will shield you from the sun's rays and keep you cool.

Protect your eyes with a good pair of sunglasses with UV protection.

Light jacket or sweater:
Even in peak summer seasons, evenings can get cool, especially if you're dining al fresco or taking a boat trip.

Whether relaxing by the pool or exploring the island's beaches, you'll want to be prepared for a refreshing dip.

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A Treasured Experience 

As you wander through Santorini's cobbled streets and enjoy its scenery, countless adventures will be yours to own. From savouring the local dishes fava and tomatokeftedes to exploring the Santorini Arts Factory, each moment promises a discovery. Maybe you'll find yourself practising a few Greek phrases with friendly locals or unwinding on the beach with a book. Whether you go on a catamaran cruise or wait to experience the sunset, Santorini will weave its magic, creating memories you'll cherish forever.

Yamas to a fun vacay. 🥂

Ilaya Teejay

Ilaya Teejay

Ilaya Teejay is the Content Marketing Associate at Heroshe. She believes words can shape user experiences, and she's turning this belief into a career that helps people and businesses succeed.