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Split Packages and Overcharged Fees: Inside a Small Business Shipping Nightmare

Split Packages and Overcharged Fees: Inside a Small Business Shipping Nightmare

Welcome to the first episode of "My Delivery Nightmare," where we explore real-life stories of logistics gone wrong. Today, we have Becca, the face behind "Shoesbybecky Handmade" and "Shoesbybecky Sneakers." Balancing two businesses, Becca relies heavily on delivery services to keep her customers happy. But her journey has not been without its challenges.

In this episode, Becca shares her experience with international shipping that left her frustrated and her customers disappointed. From packages being split up to being overcharged, Becca's story points out the pitfalls many businesses face when dealing with logistics. Join us as we discuss what went wrong and the lessons she learned.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your typical logistics needs? 

Becca: Hello, I’m Becca, and I run two businesses, "Shoesbybecky Handmade" and "Shoesbybecky Sneakers." In both, I craft and deliver high-quality footwear to my customers. As you can imagine, ensuring timely and reliable delivery is crucial for my business to thrive, so I rely heavily on last-mile logistics to fulfil orders and delight my customers with their new shoes.

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How often do you use delivery services for personal or business purposes? 

Becca: I use delivery services a lot, around four times a week. Most of the time, I need things sent to different places at once.

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Can you describe your delivery nightmare experience in detail?  

Becca: My delivery nightmare often revolves around international shipping, mainly from Nigeria to other parts of the world. Finding a reliable and affordable shipping partner for these international deliveries has been quite tough as a business owner. 

One particular incident stands out. I have a client who likes to consolidate purchased items so I can send everything together for delivery. On this occasion, I contacted a shipping company to inquire about sending a package from Nigeria to Zimbabwe and Doha. 

My client’s package was intended for Doha, so I sent it to their warehouse. However, it was separated into two packages instead of remaining as one. They then sent me pictures of the separated packages, asking where I wanted them shipped, to which I responded Doha. They ended up shipping only one item to Doha, and to make matters worse, I was overcharged for the delivery.

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When did you realise something was wrong with the delivery? 

Becca: We found out something was wrong with the delivery after the customer got their package. That's when we saw she only got one package instead of the two pictures sent. We also noticed we were charged for 4kg instead of the 3kg that was supposed to be. So, we had to pay more to send the other items.

How did you react when you discovered the issue? 

Becca: I felt really upset, sad, and frustrated when I found out. The company didn't want to admit they made a mistake. They kept saying it was my fault, making me feel even worse.

How did the situation affect your plans or business operations? 

Becca: It affected my business a lot. My customer had to pay more for delivery, and I lost money too because I had to give her discounts on her next purchase to make up for the mistake.

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What lessons did you learn from this experience?

Becca: I learned that handling delivery transactions in person is important, so there's no confusion. If I can't be there in person, I'll communicate well to avoid misunderstandings.

Lessons from Becca 

Becca's story clearly illustrates the problems business owners face with shipping and logistics. Despite the setbacks, her commitment to improving delivery processes and ensuring clear communication is inspiring.

We hope Becca's experience offers valuable lessons for anyone dealing with logistics. It hints at the importance of choosing reliable partners and proactively managing shipments.


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Ilaya Teejay

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