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Tech Trends from China: Must-Have Gadget Items for the Tech Enthusiast

Tech Trends from China: Must-Have Gadget Items for the Tech Enthusiast

I was conversing with my friend Keri when she asked me, “Have you ever considered getting tech gadgets from China?” I chuckled, responding with a light-hearted, “China ke?” However, Keri wasn't joking; she was dead serious and persisted with her question. Before this conversation, I fell into the group of individuals who viewed products made in China as inferior. I was hesitant to invest my money in anything from China.

Surprisingly, she invested considerable time educating me about the exciting world of tech trends emerging from China. She passionately shared insights about innovative gadgets that were top-notch in quality and leading the way in the global tech arena. 

If you’re a tech enthusiast considering investing in gadgets to improve your work and lifestyle, here are some gadgets from China you must have.


Smartphones are indispensable assets serving different uses for techies. From content creation to gaming, social networking and keeping in touch with friends and family, smartphones can be termed staple gadgets. With leading manufacturers like Huawei, Xiaomi, Oppo, OnePlus and Vivo, China is at the forefront of smartphone innovation and production. These Chinese brands offer innovative technology at reasonable prices.

One of the key reasons why Chinese smartphones are so popular is their impressive features and specifications. From high-quality cameras and vibrant displays to powerful processors and long-lasting batteries, these devices offer top-notch performance that rivals some of the most expensive flagship phones from other countries.

If you're in the market for a new smartphone and looking for a device that offers premium features and specifications at a reasonable price point, here are some options you can choose from.

OnePlus 12R
The OnePlus 12R is a flagship device with impressive features, including a 6.7-inch AMOLED display, Snapdragon 888 processor, up to 12GB of RAM, and up to 256GB of storage. It also features a triple camera setup, including a 64MP primary camera, a 16MP ultra-wide camera, and a 13MP telephoto camera, making it an excellent choice for photography enthusiasts.

Xiaomi 13T Pro
The Xiaomi 13T Pro is another high-end device with a 6.67-inch AMOLED display, Snapdragon 888 processor, up to 8GB of RAM, and 256GB of storage. It features a triple camera setup, including a 108MP primary camera, a 20MP ultra-wide camera, and an 8MP telephoto camera. It also offers 120W fast charging, making it one of the fastest-charging smartphones on the market.

 Huawei P50 Pro
The Huawei P50 Pro is a premium device with a 6.6-inch OLED display, Kirin 9000 processor, up to 12GB of RAM, and up to 512GB of storage. It features a quad-camera setup, including a 50MP primary camera, a 64MP telephoto camera, a 13MP ultra-wide camera, and a 40MP black and white camera. It also offers 66W fast charging, making it a great choice.

Redmi Note 12 Series
The Redmi Note 12 Pro and Redmi Note 12 Pro Plus are mid-range devices that offer great value for money. They both feature a 6.67-inch AMOLED display, Snapdragon 870 processor, up to 8GB of RAM, and up to 256GB of storage. They also feature a quad-camera setup, including a 108MP primary camera, an 8MP ultra-wide camera, a 5MP macro camera, and a 2MP depth sensor.

Nubia Red Magic 9 Pro
The Nubia Red Magic 9 Pro is a gaming-focused device with a 6.65-inch AMOLED display, Snapdragon 888 processor, up to 16GB of RAM, and up to 512GB of storage. It also features a triple camera setup, including a 64MP primary camera, an 8MP ultra-wide camera, and a 2MP macro camera. It also offers 120W fast charging, making it an excellent choice for gamers who need to recharge their device quickly.

Oppo Reno11 5G
Oppo Reno11 5G is a mid-range device with a 6.43-inch AMOLED display, Snapdragon 765G processor, 8GB of RAM, and 256GB of storage. It also features a quad-camera setup, including a 50MP primary camera, an 8MP ultra-wide camera, a 2MP macro camera, and a 2MP depth sensor. Talk about fast charging? The Oppo Reno 11 has it.

Why Are These Features So Important?

The features of the phones above contribute to their overall appeal, making them a good choice for your use.

AMOLED Display
The AMOLED display features make the visual experience of the phone more appealing as you can see colours for what they are.

Screen Size
Big screens make it easy for you to have a full view of whatever you are doing on your phone. Whether writing, playing games or editing videos, you can do much with a good screen size.

Snapdragon 888 Processor
The Snapdragon 888 Processor is known for its high performance, meaning you can effectively multitask without your phone lagging or slowing down. It also contributes to a long and stable battery life.

A higher RAM capacity allows you to multitask smoothly, as the device can handle different apps at the same time without slowing down or lagging.

Abundant Storage Space
The generous storage capacity of these phones provides ample space for storing large apps, high-resolution photos and videos, and other media files.

Triple Camera Setup
The triple camera setup, including a high-resolution primary camera, an ultra-wide camera, and a telephoto camera, offered by this phone makes it an excellent choice for capturing different photos and videos from different angles.

Power Banks

The era we are in now is one of constant connectivity. You always need to be connected to the internet. Whether for research, work projects, school work, or just networking, you need to keep your devices alive. And powerbanks are the devices for doing that. Some Chinese brands have made powerful power banks that can upgrade your connectivity. Some of these include:

Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 3 Pro
Dubbed as your “Your laptop's new partner,” the Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 3 Pro is a  20,000mAh battery power bank that can charge your smartphone and your laptop with its USB-C output. It supports 45W fast charging, making it one of the fastest power banks on the market. 

Anker PowerCore+ 26800 PD
Like Xiaomi, Anker produced the Anker PowerCore+ 26800 PD with the  Power Delivery (PD) technology. This feature allows for faster charging of devices, including laptops and smartphones. If you’ve got multiple gadgets that need powering, the  Anker PowerCore+ 26800 PD has a 26,800mAh battery capacity and three USB ports to support your needs.

Baseus 30000mAh Power Bank
This power bank has a whopping 30,000mAh battery capacity that lasts up to 5 days. It also has a digital display that shows your battery status. It charges fast and can support multiple devices as well.

ROMOSS Sense 8P+
ROMOSS as a brand has gained the trust of many techies, with many preferring it over ORAIMO. The ROMOSS Sense 8P+ has a mammoth 30,000mAh battery capacity and dual USB outputs, and it is capable of charging two devices simultaneously.

Zendure SuperTank
Zendure SuperTank is a power bank with a 27,000mAh battery capacity. It has four USB outputs, including two USB-C PD ports, which means it can charge laptops using the  USB-C ports.


Like phones, laptops are a techie’s best buddy. China has made a name for itself in the laptop manufacturing industry, with brands such as Huawei, Redmi, Lenovo, and ASUS producing high-quality laptops.

Huawei MateBook X Pro
Huawei wants you to “see greatness in lightness” with the Huawei MateBook X Pro, a flagship laptop with an ultra-slim design. It has a stunning 3K display with a resolution of 3,000 x 2,000 pixels, making it a perfect choice for creatives and professionals. The laptop is powered by the latest 13th Gen Intel Core i7 processor and features a dedicated NVIDIA GeForce MX450 graphics card, ensuring top-notch performance. The MateBook X Pro also offers a unique privacy feature with a hidden camera that pops up only when needed, ensuring privacy and security.

RedmiBook 16
The RedmiBook 16 is a budget-friendly laptop that offers impressive features, making it a top choice if you’re looking for value and performance. The laptop’s features include a 16.1-inch full HD display, powered by the 10th Gen Intel Core i7 processor and a NVIDIA GeForce MX350 graphics card, ensuring smooth and fast performance. The RedmiBook 16 also has a unique feature with its fingerprint sensor, allowing for easy and secure login.

Lenovo V15 Gen 2 (15, AMD)
Lenovo made this laptop to cater to the needs of business users and professionals. The laptop features a 15.6-inch full HD display, an AMD Ryzen 5 processor, and AMD Radeon graphics. The V15 Gen 2 also has a unique feature with its spill-resistant keyboard, ensuring durability and reliability.

Lenovo Legion 9i
With the Legion 9 series dedicated to gamers, the Lenovo Legion 9i offers top-notch performance and features. It has a 15.6-inch Full HD display, powered by the 10th Gen Intel Core i7 processor and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Super graphics card. It also has a Vapor Chamber cooling system, ensuring optimal cooling during intense gaming sessions.

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Wireless Earbuds with Noise Cancellation 

Wireless earbuds with noise cancellation have become a must-have gadget for techies. This is because they offer a seamless audio experience, cancel the outside noise and keep you free from struggling with tangled wires. These innovative devices from China come with unique features that set them apart in the market. 

Huawei EarBuds
Known for their sleek design and comfortable fit, Huawei’s EarBuds come with intelligent dynamic noise cancellation, dual connection with Android and iOS devices, and gesture controls for easy operation. With bud types cutting across different series, there’s an earbud for everyone.

Mi True Wireless Earphones 2 Pro
These earphones feature hybrid active noise cancellation, providing excellent sound quality. The Mi True Wireless Earphones 2 Pro lets you keep your music and lose the noise. They also offer a long battery life of up to 30 hours with a charging case, touch controls, and IPX5 water resistance. 

OnePlus Buds Pro
These earbuds have adaptive noise cancellation, Dolby Atmos support, and low latency mode for seamless audio and video calls and media. With their warp charge technology, you can enjoy 10 hours of playback with just a 10-minute charge. It is water and sweat resistant and can last up to 38 hours when fully charged. 


Watches have gone from timekeeping devices to now extensions of smartphones. The Chinese involvement in manufacturing smartwatches is commendable in terms of browsing the internet, sleep tracking, heart rate monitoring, fitness and more.

Amazfit GTR 3
Amazfit, an affiliate of Xiaomi, introduces the GTR 3, a stylish and feature-rich smartwatch. It has vibrant AMOLED display health tracking features, including SpO2 measurement, sleep tracking, and heart rate monitoring. It also supports advanced fitness tracking modes, making it an ideal companion for everyday use and fitness activities. When it is fully charged, it can last up to 21 days.

Huawei Watch GT 3   
Huawei's Watch GT 3 exemplifies the fusion of style and functionality. With a circular AMOLED display, up to 14 days of battery life, and health tracking features, including stress monitoring and blood oxygen saturation measurement, this is your go-to watch if you’re seeking a sophisticated and health-focused smartwatch.

Redmi Watch 3
Xiaomi wants you to “wear your best self” with the Redmi Watch 3. It has a large AMOLED display, built-in GPS, supports a wide range of fitness tracking activities, supports Bluetooth calls, is spill resistant and has a battery life of up to 12 days.

Realme Watch 2 Pro
This smartwatch features a large touchscreen display, GPS, heart rate monitoring, and various workout modes. With a stylish design and long battery life of up to 14 days, the Realme Watch 2 Pro is an attractive option for those on a budget.

Fun fact: the Realme Watch 2 Pro can monitor up to 90 fitness activities.

Why Choose Chinese Gadgets?

Chinese gadgets are often more affordable than products from other countries due to lower production costs and economies of scale.

China is a hub for technological innovation, with many companies leading the way in developing advanced gadgets and devices.

Wide Selection
Chinese manufacturers offer a wide range of gadgets to choose from, catering to consumers' diverse needs and preferences.

Contrary to popular belief, many Chinese gadgets offer high quality and durability, with some brands even rivalling top international manufacturers.

Fast-Paced Updates
Chinese companies are known for their rapid product development cycles, ensuring consumers can access the latest technology sooner.

Global Presence
Chinese gadgets are widely available worldwide, making it easier for consumers to purchase and access these products anywhere.

After Shopping Gadgets What Next?

If, after reading this article, you decide to shop for one or more of these gadgets from China, bravo–we’d beat the drums for you. But after you’re done shopping, how do you get your items to Nigeria?

You can patronise an international shipping company. These companies specialise in international shipping and ensure your items arrive in one piece. When choosing a company, you may want to look at the company’s experience, reliability, shipping fees, tracking abilities and customer service. Where can you find such a company?

This is where Heroshe comes in

As a purpose-driven technology company, Heroshe has been helping simplify commerce for Africans, making it easier for people of African descent to access the global marketplace. We’ve successfully supported over 40k businesses and individuals in getting their items to Nigeria, which is why they chose us.

Reliable Services
We are known for our reliable shipping services, ensuring that packages arrive safely and on time (within 10-14 working days). This is crucial for businesses and individuals who value punctuality and dependability.

Competitive Pricing
We offer competitive pricing options for shipping needs, making us an attractive choice for cost-conscious businesses and individuals looking to save on their shipping expenses. Our transparent pricing structure lets you know your shipping cost beforehand.

Excellent Customer Support
Our customer support team members wear their hats on their sleeves to ensure they offer assistance and guidance to our customers every step of the way.

Advanced Tracking Systems
With advanced tracking systems in place, Heroshe allows businesses and individuals to monitor the status of their shipments in real-time, providing peace of mind and transparency throughout the shipping process.


Keri and I have made plans to get the Anker PowerCore+ 26800 PD, as we’d need it to power our devices on the go. I asked if she had a Heroshe account for shipping. She doesn’t have one yet and would have to create an account with Heroshe to ship her power bank. If, like Keri, you want any of the items on the list and you’re yet to have an account with Heroshe, you can create one now, and we will have your gadget delivered with love and swift delivery.

Ilaya Teejay

Ilaya Teejay

Ilaya Teejay is the Content Marketing Associate at Heroshe. She believes words can shape user experiences, and she's turning this belief into a career that helps people and businesses succeed.