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The Ultimate Guide to USPS Tracking

The Ultimate Guide to USPS Tracking

Last week, Ebi reached out to us on X with a question that many of our users can relate to: "How can I track my package from USPS?" Ebi, like many others, had chosen USPS to deliver her skincare products from a U.S. store to our Houston warehouse. We understood Ebi's concern and recognized the need for a straightforward guide to USPS tracking. Her question inspired us to create this article aimed at making you understand the tracking process. We want to make it simple for users like you and Ebi to follow their packages' journey without dealing with complicated information.

USPS tracking is a service provided by the United States Postal Service that allows customers to track the progress of their packages. With it, you can easily check the location and delivery status of your items, giving you peace of mind and ensuring a smooth shipping experience.

At Heroshe, we believe global commerce should be accessible, and tracking your package should be as simple as receiving it. By the end of this article, you will be able to track your USPS packages from your favorite online stores until it arrives at the Heroshe warehouse.

Let's get started.

What is USPS Tracking?

USPS Tracking is a service provided by the United States Postal Service that allows customers to track the progress of their packages. When you ship an item with USPS, you get a unique tracking number. This number lets you monitor your item's progress from the time it's shipped until it arrives at its destination. This tracking number is important because it allows you to use the USPS tracking system and get timely updates on your shipment's status.

How Does USPS Tracking Work?

The USPS tracking system relies on a series of scans and updates that occur at various stages of the shipping process. When you drop off your package at a USPS facility or have it picked up by a mail carrier, you get assigned a tracking number. This number is linked to the barcode on your package, which is scanned at different points along its journey.

Your package will be scanned when it arrives at a USPS facility; when it is loaded onto transportation vehicles, and when it is delivered to its destination. Each scan updates the tracking information and provides you with the latest status of your package.

USPS tracking for Priority Mail, Priority Mail Express, and Certified Mail services follows the same general process outlined above. Here is how it works:

Priority Mail:
Priority Mail is a fast and cost-effective shipping option for packages. After dropping off a Priority Mail package, the tracking number is linked to the package's barcode. Scans occur at various points during transit, including at the local post office, when it's accepted at a USPS facility, during transportation, and upon delivery.

Priority Mail Express:
Priority Mail Express is the USPS's fastest shipping option. Similar to Priority Mail, the tracking process involves scans at key points during transit. Priority Mail Express shipments typically receive more detailed tracking information, with updates available every step of the way, including when the item is out for delivery. This also offers the option for "Signature Confirmation." This service requires the recipient to sign for the package upon delivery, providing an extra layer of security and confirmation of receipt. The detailed tracking information ensures a high level of visibility and accountability for Priority Mail Express shipments.

Certified Mail:
Certified Mail is an additional service offered by the USPS for sending important documents or valuable items. When using Certified Mail, you receive a unique tracking number and a mailing receipt. The sender can also opt for extra services like a Return Receipt to receive confirmation of delivery. The items go through the same tracking process as standard shipments, with scans at various points during transit.

Global Express:
Global Express is an expedited international shipping service offered by USPS, and the tracking system plays a huge role in providing detailed additional information about the package's journey. Customers can use the tracking number to monitor the movement of their Global Express international shipment and receive updates on its status until it reaches the time of delivery.

Where to Find Your USPS Tracking Number

You can find your USPS tracking number through the following channels:

Shipping Receipt:
Check your sales receipt or post office shipping receipt for the prominently displayed tracking number. This receipt is provided at the time of your transaction and serves as a key reference point for tracking your package.

Online Label Record:
If you purchased postage online, whether through Click-N-Ship®, eBay, or other online services, your tracking number will be available in the online label record. Refer to your digital shipping history to find the tracking information associated with your shipment.

Barcode Placement on Mailed Item:
Your tracking number is located below the barcode attached to the mailed item. Look for the unique identifier adjacent to the barcode, and use this number to track your package as it moves through the USPS network.

USPS Website:
You can also find the tracking number on the USPS website by entering your shipping information and accessing the tracking details.

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How To Track A USPS Package

Tracking a USPS package is a straightforward process. To track your package, you can follow these simple steps:

  • Obtain the USPS Tracking ID or tracking number from the sender.
  • Visit the USPS website or use the USPS mobile app.
  • Enter the Tracking ID or tracking number in the designated field.
  • Click on the "Track" button to view the tracking information.

Once you have entered the tracking number, the USPS tracking system will display the current status and location of your package. You can also opt to receive email or text notifications to stay updated on any changes or delays.

What Are The Benefits of Using USPS Tracking?

Peace of Mind:
USPS tracking provides peace of mind, knowing that you can monitor the progress of your packages and ensure they reach their intended destinations.

Proof of Delivery:
USPS tracking provides proof of delivery, which can be crucial when sending important or time-sensitive mail. It offers accountability and helps resolve disputes regarding package delivery.

With USPS tracking, you can easily track your packages from the comfort of your home or on the go. The USPS website, mobile app, and third-party tracking sites offer convenient ways to access tracking information.

Enhanced Security:
USPS tracking helps enhance the security of your packages by reducing the risk of loss or theft. By monitoring the progress of your shipments, you can detect any anomalies and take appropriate action.

What Every USPS Tracking Status Means

When tracking your USPS package, you may come across various tracking statuses. (Some people refer to it as a shipping label). These statuses provide information about the progress and location of your package. Here are some common USPS tracking statuses and their meanings:

Pre-Shipment: This status means that USPS has received the package, but they haven't scanned the label into the system.

Accepted: You receive this update when the USPS physically receives the package.

In Transit: The package is on its way to the destination and is being transported between USPS facilities or distribution centers.

Out for Delivery: The package is out for delivery and will be delivered to the recipient on the same day.

Delivered: The package has been successfully delivered to the recipient's address.

How Can You Resolve Common Issues With USPS Tracking?

While USPS tracking is generally reliable, there can be occasional issues that may arise. Here are some common issues with USPS tracking and tips on how to resolve them:

Delayed or stuck tracking updates: Sometimes, the tracking information may not be updated in real-time, leading to delayed or stuck tracking updates. In such cases, it is advisable to wait for a few hours or a day and check the tracking information again. If the issue persists, you can contact USPS customer service for assistance.

Incorrect or missing tracking information: Occasionally, the tracking information may be incorrect or missing. This can happen due to human error or technical glitches. If you notice any discrepancies in the tracking information, it is recommended to contact USPS customer service and provide them with the tracking number and relevant details.

Lost or missing packages: In rare cases, packages may get lost or go missing during transit. If you believe your package is lost, you should contact USPS customer service immediately. They will initiate an investigation and try to locate the package. It is also advisable to reach out to the sender and inform them about the situation.

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What Are Some Tips For Using USPS Tracking Effectively?

To make the most out of USPS tracking, here are some tips to consider:

Use Informed Delivery:
Take advantage of Informed Delivery, a USPS service that provides a preview of your incoming mail and packages. This can be a helpful tool to get an overview of what to expect in your mailbox.

Save Shipping Confirmation Email:
Keep your shipping confirmation email from the online retailer, as it often contains the tracking number. This email serves as a convenient reference point, allowing you to access the tracking information easily.

Save Sales Receipts:
If you have a sales receipt from the online retailer, it may also include the tracking number. Store these receipts in a designated place to quickly locate tracking details when needed.

Opt for Email Notifications:
Opt into email notifications when making a purchase online. This will ensure that you receive real-time updates on your package's status, including any changes in delivery schedules.

Check for Delivery Holds:
In case you need to delay the delivery of your package, explore USPS services that allow you to place a hold on your delivery. This can be particularly useful if you (or Heroshe) are not available to receive the package on the scheduled delivery date.

Confirmation Emails:
Keep an eye on confirmation emails from USPS regarding your package. These emails may contain important updates, such as delivery attempts or changes in status.

Regularly Monitor Tracking:
Stay proactive by regularly monitoring the tracking information. By doing so, you can identify any potential issues or delays and take appropriate action, such as contacting the customer service for assistance.

Contact USPS Customer Service:
If you encounter any problems or have questions about your parcel, don't hesitate to reach out to their customer service. They can provide insights, address concerns, and offer guidance on resolving any issues with your shipment.

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Tracking Your USPS Shipments with Ease on the Heroshe Dashboard

If you are waiting for your shipments at the Heroshe warehouse like Ebi, the Heroshe dashboard offers a seamless and convenient way to keep tabs on your packages in transit. Using USPS tracking directly on the Heroshe platform ensures that you stay informed the moment it arrives. Here's how to make the most of USPS tracking within the Heroshe dashboard:

Log Into Your Heroshe Account:
Start by logging into your Heroshe account on the Heroshe dashboard. Your personalized dashboard is the control center for managing your shipments, and tracking is just a click away.

Enter the USPS Tracking Number:
Enter the USPS tracking number into the designated field on the Heroshe dashboard. If your item hasn't arrived at the Heroshe warehouse, click the "Yes, notify me" button, and we will let you know when you receive it.

Heroshe dashboard

Contact Heroshe Support if Needed:
Should you encounter any issues or have specific questions about your shipment, the Heroshe support team is just a message or call away.


USPS tracking is an essential service that allows customers to monitor the progress of their packages and mail easily. With real-time updates and detailed tracking information, USPS tracking provides transparency and visibility into the shipping process. By understanding how USPS tracking works and following the provided tips, you can effectively track your packages and ensure a smooth shipping experience.

As you venture into the exciting world of shipping, we invite you to stay connected with us on the Heroshe blog. Subscribe today to receive regular updates, insightful tips, and exclusive content. Happy shipping!

Frequently Asked Questions About USPS Tracking?

How do I track a package using USPS?
To track a package with USPS, obtain the unique tracking number from the sender. Visit the USPS website or use the mobile app, enter the tracking number, and click the "Track" button to view the real-time tracking information.

What information do I need to track a package with USPS?
To track a package with USPS, you need the unique tracking number assigned to your shipment. This number is typically provided on sales or mailing receipts, online label records, or the USPS website.

Is there a mobile app for tracking packages with USPS?
Yes, USPS has a mobile app that allows users to track packages conveniently. You can use the mobile app to enter your tracking number and access real-time updates on your package's status.

How often is package tracking information updated on the USPS website?
Package tracking information on the website is updated at various stages of the shipping process. Scans occur when the package arrives at a USPS facility, during transportation, and upon delivery, providing customers with timely updates.

Can I receive notifications from USPS for updates on my tracked package?
Yes, they provide options for receiving notifications, such as email or text alerts. By opting in, customers can stay informed about updates on their package, including changes in delivery schedules.

What should I do if the tracking information for my package is not updating or is incorrect?
If the information is not updating or is incorrect, wait for a few hours or a day, as updates may be delayed. If the issue persists, contact their customer service for assistance in resolving the tracking discrepancies.

Is there an option to require a signature upon delivery when using USPS tracking?
Yes, they offers the option for "Signature Confirmation" for certain services like Priority Mail Express. This requires the recipient to sign for the package upon delivery, adding an extra layer of security and confirmation of receipt.

How do you track a USPS package?
To track a package, obtain the USPS tracking number from the sender. Visit the official website or use the mobile app, enter the tracking number, and click the "Track" button to view the current status and location.

What are the tracking steps of USPS?
The system relies on scans at various stages of the shipping process, including when the package is dropped off, accepted at a USPS facility, loaded onto transportation vehicles, and delivered. Each scan updates the tracking information, providing the latest status.

Where can I get my USPS tracking number?
You can find your USPS tracking number on sales or mailing receipts, online label records, and below the barcode affixed to the mailed item. It is also available on the official website when you enter your shipping information.

What do real USPS tracking numbers look like?
Real USPS tracking numbers are unique identifiers typically found below the barcode on the mailed item. They are alphanumeric and serve as a key reference point for tracking the package through the network. You can find out more information on the USPS tracking page.

I lost my USPS tracking number. How can I retrieve it?
If you've lost your tracking number, check your sales receipts, online label records, or the USPS website where you entered your shipping information. You can also contact the sender or customer service for assistance in retrieving the tracking number.

For more questions, you can get answers on the official USPS website.

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