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3 Ways Your Business Can Embrace Humility

3 Ways Your Business Can Embrace Humility

What Is Pride?

Pride is the satisfaction derived from one's achievements, qualities and possessions. Pride also is the quality of having a high opinion of oneself or one's importance.

Pride is an inevitable feeling that one can hone for positive and negative results. If not kept in check, pride can hurt businesses like it can ruin human relationships.

A True Story

I once had dinner with my friends at a popular restaurant in the Victoria Island area of Lagos. While the service was below average, the ambiance was quite welcoming, and the food was fair. We were willing to pass on everything else and enjoy the rest of the night until they told us to pay a mandatory tip.

As unsatisfied customers, we raised an eyebrow and requested to speak to the manager. That conversation ended in a shouting match. The manager announced to us not to return to the restaurant as our patronage "didn't count".

We took the advice. My friends and I and other friends to whom we narrated the ordeal, blacklisted the restaurant. Days after, I read reviews from other dissatisfied customers on a restaurant blog.

This anecdote is a classic example of how pride hurts businesses. It was the responsibility of the manager to ensure my friends and I left the restaurant happy. Customers will run into problems regardless of how great your product or service is.

Your approach to handling their complaints will determine the outcome you get. Will it be positive or negative? A satisfied and happy customer will share positive testimonials and recommend your business. But, a dissatisfied customer is an unlikely advocate for your business.

Pride, Or Humility? Your Business Must Choose

No business is perfect. Companies are facing unprecedented and overwhelming challenges in these times. They must find new and distinct ways of meeting customers' evolving expectations. One of the ways to achieve this is to embrace humility.

The concept of humility is a positive characteristic, and it wields a great deal of influence. As a business owner and manager, you have a responsibility to make a conscious decision to be humble. Here are three ways you can display humility:

1. Show Empathy

As a business owner, you must put yourself in the position of customers. If you do not see the situation through their eyes, you will not understand their grievances. Empathy requires that you get off your high horse.

2. Apologize

If you have failed your customers, it is easier to admit your mistake and apologize. Saying sorry to your customer doesn't make your brand weak. Instead, it makes you attractive to potential customers, makes you admirable and gracious. If they've expressed their dissatisfaction in the comment section, apologize right there. Do not send them a personal apology while ignoring their public comment.

3. Ask For Feedback

One of the ways to feel the pulse of your customers is by asking them questions that matter. Engage your customers using periodic surveys. This will help you discover what they think about your business and its offerings. This exercise is beneficial in two ways. Your performance will improve based on insights gained from customers. Also, your customers will know that their opinions matter.

No Business Is Perfect

For us at Heroshe, we lay no claim to perfection. In fact, we believe that humility is a key ingredient in our recipe for success. Of course, we also believe that love and swift delivery are pretty important too!. The pandemic and our challenges with the DHS have taught us new lessons in humility. We continue to learn to serve our customers in ways that delight them.

If you want to learn more about how to cultivate humility in your business, we invite you to subscribe to the Heroshe blog. Join our community of like-minded business owners and leaders, and discover how embracing humility can help you achieve your goals and make a positive impact in the world.



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