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Shipping Electronics is Back!!!

Shipping Electronics is Back!!!

If you regularly buy things online then you know how important clearly-defined shipping times are. When items arrive around their estimated delivery dates, everyone is happy. This lets business owners plan marketing activities more effectively. Personal shoppers can also rest easy knowing their items will arrive on time.

This is why it was very frustrating when United States Customs and Department of Homeland Security (DHS) detained our shipments containing high-value luxury goods. Our shipping schedule which ranges from fourteen to twenty-one days ballooned into months. We worked round the clock in cooperation with the DHS to ensure the items got released. Our customer delight team worked tirelessly to calm already frayed nerves even when they sometimes did not have the answers.

To reclaim the items in the custody of DHS, we had to request customers to provide proof of purchase. The process was tasking since we received them in the email and had to sort them out individually. Thankfully, all the items bought through legal means have since been released and shipped to customers.

While this was going on, we had to put a temporary hold on shipping consumer electronics. Like a hungry man drinking cold water on a sunny afternoon, this worked. In fact, shipping to Nigeria now takes 10 - 14 days from the day the package ships out of the U.S. airport if there is zero customs delay in Nigeria! But like the fictional man needs all his calories, we had to find a system that allows everyone to ship their items.

To solve these challenges, we had to find a system that is in compliance with the new DHS shipping guidelines. This is why we are excited to announce the Heroshe Proof of Purchase feature. This is a feature on the Heroshe dashboard that allows you to upload the receipts required to ship high-value luxury products.

The chorus of Mase's Welcome Back seems like the best background music to that announcement! Enjoy!


With this feature, items leaving the US can now be easily verified and cleared at the U.S. airport before shipping to Nigeria.

This means that starting today, April 11, 2022, we are back to shipping consumer electronics and you can resume sending your consumer electronics to the Heroshe U.S. warehouse.

We know you have many questions and we are here to answer them. For answers to curated questions, you can read the Proof of purchase FAQs.

Here are some important resources to give you more information:



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