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7 Reasons New Year Resolutions Fail and How You Can Stick to Them in 2023

7 Reasons New Year Resolutions Fail and How You Can Stick to Them in 2023

It's a New Year! A time to be happy, hopeful, and confidently declare that we will be the best versions of ourselves in 2023. The latter part, of course, is because of the annual New Year's resolutions tradition.

Most of the annual vows have a bad habit of failing before the end of Q1 and in some cases, before January 31st. Why is it likely that a New Year's resolution fails?

By the end of this article, you will know why it fails and you will learn ways to make your resolution(s) a success.

1. You try to do too much at once

Trying to do everything at once is not sustainable. It wears you out mentally and physically, this, in turn, affects the rate of achieving those goals.

What to do instead: Take things slowly. Discard the old habits and learn the new ones slowly and steadily. Take one step at a time and by the time it's time for your mid-year review, you'd be glad of the progress you made.

2. You're not focused on your goals

Your coworker is taking Product Marketing courses, your partner started Crypto trading, your friend swears dropshipping is the 2023 money-making venture. It is easy to get caught up in confusion when you have a lot going on around you. Don’t end up trying things you don't have an interest in. In the end, you get bored or tired and fall off the wayside.

What to do instead: Create a structure that caters to your specific interests and puts this in your mind always. This keeps you in control and more likely to be consistent.

3. You do not set milestones

Milestones are checkpoints that keep you motivated. It is easy to give up on your resolutions when you don't know how much progress you have made.

What to do instead: Split your resolutions into smaller goals so you can see how far you've gone.

4. You do not make your resolutions visible

A common reason for the failure of resolutions is that they are not written down. It is easy to forget certain things when you don't write them down.

What to do instead: Write your resolutions and stick them somewhere you can see them regularly. This drastically increases the odds of achieving them. Another bonus tip is to share them with an accountability partner.

5. You do not question your brain

Our brains are wired to make up excuses to protect us and reduce dissonance, and emotional distress. That is why when you try to do something new, it tells you not to bother. When you fail at something, it tells you not to try again because you'll fail again. If you believe it, that is the end.

What to do instead: Take a breather when your brain gives you an excuse and question it. Consider the possibilities and how you can solve the problems put forward.

6. You’re treating a marathon like a sprint

If you have many bad habits, you can't change everything in one day. There is a reason a year has 12 months. Experienced marathoners know the runners who start out at full speed will gas out midway into the race.

What to do instead: Make small changes to your routines. Do you want to lose weight? Don't go on crash diets and do too much exercise. You can start out with 1-hour walks and adding fruits and veggies to your diet. Then progressively increase the intensity according to your body's response.

7. You do not know your “why”

Another reason resolutions fail is because people know what they want but not why they want it. People want to lose weight, get richer, and save more money. But why? When you have clarity on the reasons for doing something, it is easy to stick to it especially when challenges come.

What to do instead: Make specific goals with clear reasons. That way, you’re encouraged and chances of success are high.

We hope this guide helps you achieve your 2023 goals. If this is helpful to you, don't hesitate to share so more people can be successful like you? What do you hope to do in 2023? Let us know in the comments section.

Afolabi Ojabowale

Afolabi Ojabowale

Ojabowale Afolabi is the content marketing lead at Heroshe. I have a deep passion for telling brands' stories to educate their audiences across a breadth of media and content forms.