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These Are The 5 Best Apps To Improve Your Life In 2021

These Are The 5 Best Apps To Improve Your Life In 2021

Let’s admit it! Life can be better managed with some help. Many of us find it easier navigating each day with the support of friends, family and mobile apps. Imagine life before technology gave us Google Maps, Skype, YouTube and Facebook.
There is the memory of getting lost in an unfamiliar neighbourhood. I also remember getting confused about how to set up appliances. Then, the productive hours spent driving to visit friends and family. Technology may have many disadvantages, but it has significantly enhanced our lifestyle. There are millions of mobile applications designed to help us get through life.

From tracking finances to training the brain, technology makes sure we're not deprived.But there’s a tiny problem - navigating those millions of mobile apps. Then, there is the bigger problem of choosing the ones that are tailored to your unique needs. To solve that problem, I curated a list of top apps that can make different aspects of your life easier:

Health and Fitness
My Fitness Pal
This is a top-rated app that helps you meet your fitness goal by managing your habits and diet. You can choose exercises and workouts, set daily goals, and track your progress. My Fitness Pal supports you in making healthier food choices and creating recipes. It also helps in counting calories and monitoring nutrients.

Mental health

I recently shared tips on how to manage your mental health during these tough times. In that article, I recommended meditation as a stress relief technique. Headspace can help you relax and reach that place of calmness if you have tried but failed at meditation. It contains guided meditations on exercise, focus and sleep. To cope in the pandemic, it introduced a collection of meditations for sadness and anger. My favourite features are the sleepcasts and tranquil music that help me drift off.

If you have tons of demands from work, family, business and friends, it is very easy to make a mess of your tasks. You cannot keep track of every task in your head. It is overwhelming. For some, keeping a physical to-do list works. I would instead use an app that can help me organize and rank my tasks and share them across all my devices. With Todoist, I hardly miss deadlines and can assign tasks to others. I can also set and track productivity goals. Life could not be any easier.

This app is tested and proven to be a lifesaver for students across levels. It has several features and study materials that help you to practice for tests. You can learn about history, science, math and even foreign languages. The fun part is you don’t even have to be a student at any school. You may need to refresh your knowledge of subjects, put your memory to the test or boost your vocabulary.

Personal Finance

Budgeting is one of the most important responsibilities we have as adults. It is also the most taxing thing to do. But with Mint, you can bring all your finances to one place. You can create budgets, organize transactions, track your spending and set bill reminders. The latter feature is super helpful because the app notifies you when a bill is almost due. It also calculates your balance and lets you know if it's capable of covering that bill.



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