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The Cheapest Way to Ship from the U.K. to Nigeria

The Cheapest Way to Ship from the U.K. to Nigeria

You have explored some amazing stores in the U.K. and want to ship to Nigeria, but you need a cheap option that will not bore holes in your pocket. Shipping from the UK to Nigeria can often be seen as expensive. However, with the right shipping courier, you can minimise expenses and ensure a smooth shipping experience. 

In this article, we will compare the shipping costs of different couriers so we can select the cheapest and best-value package delivery options. 

To illustrate the cheapest shipping rates available, we will use a sample shipment from London to Lagos, Nigeria's commercial hub.

Example Shipment Details:

  • Weight of package: 2lb
  • Box Dimensions: 12in x 11in x 1.5in
  • Contents for customs forms: Shipment of books
  • Origin: London, UK
  • Destination: Lagos, Nigeria

To help you determine the cheapest international shipping options, we have evaluated and ranked various U.K.-to-Nigeria services for sending a package based on estimated prices from 7 couriers.


Delivery Time


Shipping Cost


7-14 working days



Asendia - Epaq Plus

5 - 11 working days



UPS Expedited

8 working days



Parcelforce - GlobalPriority

3 - 5 working days



UPS Express Saver

4 working days



Parcelforce - GlobalPriority

3 - 5 working days



FedEx Cross Border

2 - 5 working days



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Cheapest Shipping Option

Heroshe is the cheapest option for shipping packages from the UK to Nigeria. At just $16, it offers an affordable solution to send items without breaking the bank. Heroshe also provides excellent tracking, ensuring you can monitor your package throughout its journey. 

Fastest Shipping Option

FedEx Cross Border is the fastest shipping option for those who prioritise speed above all else. With a delivery time of just 2 to 5 working days, your package will reach Nigeria in the shortest possible time. However, it is important to note that this service is more expensive and offers basic tracking, which might not be as detailed as other options. 

What Influences Shipping Costs?

Shipping costs can vary widely based on several factors, which include:

Weight and Size of the Package
Heavier and larger packages cost more to ship. Couriers charge based on the actual or dimensional weight (calculated by the package’s size). 

Pro tip: Always check which weight your chosen courier uses for pricing.

Distance and Destination
The further the package needs to travel, the higher the cost. For example, shipping to a major city like Lagos might be cheaper than shipping to a rural area in Nigeria.

Shipping Speed
Faster shipping options, like express or overnight delivery, are more expensive than standard or economy shipping. If your package isn’t time-sensitive, choosing a slower shipping option can save money.

Courier Service
Different couriers have different rates and fee structures. Some might offer cheaper rates for certain routes or package types. It’s worth comparing prices from several couriers.

ship iphones to Nigeria

Shipping Packages and Dimensions

When shipping a package, the dimensions and weight are critical factors that determine the cost and suitability of shipping methods.

Measuring Your Package
Accurately measure your package's length, width, and height using a tape measure and rounding up to the nearest inch or centimetre. Most couriers have online calculators where you can input these dimensions to get an estimate.

Packaging Materials
Use sturdy, lightweight materials to protect your items. Consider the weight of the packaging itself, as heavy packaging can increase shipping costs. Secure your items with bubble wrap or foam to prevent damage.

Choosing the Right Box
Select a box that fits your items snugly. Too much empty space can result in additional charges and increase the risk of damage during transit.

Customs and Clearance

Customs clearance is a crucial part of international shipping. It involves getting your package approved by the destination country’s customs authority, in this case, Nigeria.

Customs Forms
You need to fill out customs declaration forms accurately. These forms require details about the contents of the package, their value, and the purpose of the shipment (e.g., gift, sale, personal use). Be honest and precise to avoid delays or fines.

Duties and Taxes
Nigeria imposes import duties and taxes on goods entering the country. These are based on the declared value of the items. Ensure you check the latest rates and regulations to estimate the additional costs that might be incurred.

Prohibited and Restricted Items
Some items may be prohibited or restricted from entering Nigeria. These can include certain food products, chemicals, and electronics. Check the Nigerian customs website or consult your courier to ensure your items are allowed.

Heroshe has no hidden cost

Additional Services to Look Out For

Several additional services can enhance your international shipping experience. These services might cost extra, but they can provide valuable benefits.

Most couriers offer package tracking, allowing you to monitor the shipment’s progress in real-time. Excellent tracking services provide detailed updates and notifications, giving peace of mind and helping manage delivery expectations.

Shipping insurance protects your package against loss or damage. Consider purchasing insurance for valuable or fragile items. Some couriers include a basic level of insurance, but additional coverage can be bought for higher-value items.

Signature Confirmation
This service ensures that your package is delivered only when the recipient signs for it. It’s useful for high-value items.

Customs Brokerage
Customs brokerage services handle the complexities of customs clearance for you. This can save time and reduce the risk of your package being delayed or returned due to incorrect documentation.

Expedited Shipping
Expedited shipping services ensure faster transit times for urgent deliveries. While more expensive, they are ideal for time-sensitive shipments.

Drop-off and Pickup Services
Some couriers offer convenient drop-off locations or pickup services. 

Heroshe can help you Avoid Dealing with Customs

As someone who is very active on X (formerly known as Twitter), I have seen a lot of tweets from personal shoppers and business people complaining about customs in Nigeria. For them, it's a very hectic process they would rather not deal with. And if I am guessing right, you would also rather avoid this process.

Aside from being the cheapest shipping option from the U.K. to Nigeria, Heroshe is also your best bet for total customs avoidance. We take care of the customs clearance process while you relax and wait for your shipment to be delivered.

Free shipping calculator: One of the most important aspects of international shipping is knowing how much you will spend on shipping to be better prepared. The shipping calculator gives you detailed info on the total amount you will pay for your shipment.

Tracking: We take your delivery experience to the next level with detailed tracking and constant updates that offer visibility and transparency on where your shipment is at all times.

Ready to ship from the U.K. to Nigeria? Create an account now to enjoy fast, affordable, reliable and convenient shipping with Heroshe.

Ilaya Teejay

Ilaya Teejay

Ilaya Teejay is the Content Marketing Associate at Heroshe. She believes words can shape user experiences, and she's turning this belief into a career that helps people and businesses succeed.