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#HerosheUnbox: Share Your Unboxing Videos and Win Big!

#HerosheUnbox: Share Your Unboxing Videos and Win Big!

Remember the last time we spoke? I dropped some spoilers on the next update we have for you. My Editor may have deleted it at the time, but guess what? It is time to let the cat out of the bag. Do you know how Heroshe is always working hard to make your shipping experience smoother and more delightful? Well, get ready because I will tell you something that will make your day even brighter: the #HerosheUnbox challenge!

At Heroshe, we are more than just a shipping company. Our dedication lies in making it easy for you to access top-quality products worldwide.  Whether clothes from the U.K., laptops from the U.S., or toys from China, we know how thrilling it is to receive them finally. Did they come just in time for your loved one's birthday? Or was it an awesome purchase that looks even better in person? Or was it a case of: "what you ordered versus what you got"? Whatever the feeling, we want you to share it with us.

The #HerosheUnbox Challenge

The #HerosheUnbox challenge invites you, our amazing community of customers, to share your unboxing experiences through videos. We want to see everything from the excitement of receiving your package to seeing what is inside! It is a chance to connect with fellow enthusiasts, share your passion for global brands, and inspire others to explore the world of international shipping. Whether you are unboxing the latest tech gadgets, fashion finds, beauty products, or home decor, we want to see it all!

Participating in the #HerosheUnbox challenge is easy:

  • Receive Your Package: Order your favorite products from the UK, U.S., or China and have them shipped to Nigeria using Heroshe's reliable shipping services.
  • Unbox with Joy: Once your package arrives, capture the unboxing experience on videos and pictures. Share your genuine reactions, excitement, and first impressions as you uncover your new treasures.
  • Share Your Story: Post your unboxing video on social media using the hashtag #HerosheUnbox. Don't forget to tag us on any social media channel @shipheroshe so we can join in the excitement!

What's in it for you? Aside from the thrill of sharing your unboxing experience with fellow Heroshe enthusiasts, we have an exciting reward for participants. We will select the most creative and engaging unboxing video each month to receive a $16 Heroshe shipping voucher. You can use it to ship your next package and experience the convenience, reliability, love and swift delivery of Heroshe! 😉

Stay Tuned!

Whether you are waiting for your next shipment or have recently received a package, we invite you to join the #HerosheUnbox challenge and share your unboxing journey. Keep an eye on our social media channels and blog for updates, highlights, and the announcement of monthly winners. 

Are you ready to join the #HerosheUnbox challenge? Start shopping today, and let the unboxing videos begin!



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