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Learn How to Use A Shipping Cost Calculator in 5 Minutes

Learn How to Use A Shipping Cost Calculator in 5 Minutes

Hey there! I've been attending many work meetings lately, so much so that my lovely wife jokingly calls them "meetingneries." But here's the exciting part: these meetings are about finding new and better ways to improve your shipping experience! And guess what? While I was having a shower (where many great ideas came to me 😉), I had a brilliant idea to teach you how to use a valuable tool right under your nose. It's none other than a shipping cost calculator! It is your trusty sidekick in calculating shipping fees and ensuring a smooth journey for your packages.

Imagine the peace of mind of knowing the exact shipping cost before you even start the process. No more guesswork or hidden fees to stress about! A shipping cost calculator will allow you to make informed shipping decisions, whether you're shipping with Nigeria or internationally.

In this article, we'll learn how to use different shipping cost calculators, exploring how popular services like UPS, FedEx, DHL, and Heroshe offer these fantastic tools. I will be your guide, taking you through each calculator step by step, so you can confidently compare quotes, avoid common pitfalls, and enjoy a streamlined shipping process. Ready to join me? Let's get started.

So, what do you want to learn?

What Is A Shipping Cost Calculator?

A shipping cost calculator is a helpful tool that makes it easy to know how much it costs to ship packages. It is just like having a shipping expert with you all the time! You enter important details like package size, weight, destination, and how you want it shipped. Then the calculator does its work and considers things like distance and delivery speed. The result? An estimate of your shipping costs, so you can plan and avoid surprises.

When it comes to shipping, there are many popular services to choose from including UPS, FedEx, DHL, and Heroshe. Each carrier has its own special advantages and a shipping cost calculator to help you know your shipping costs. Let's take a closer look at these services and how to use their shipping cost calculators.

What Is A Shipping Cost Calculator?

How To Calculate Shipping Costs

When it comes to shipping, knowing how to calculate shipping costs can save you time and money. Several variables play a significant role in determining the final shipping expenses. Understanding these factors will help you make informed decisions and plan your budget accordingly. Let's explore the six key variables that can impact the cost of shipping:

Package Weight: The weight of your package is a crucial factor in shipping costs. Heavier packages generally cost more to ship due to the additional fuel and handling required. Most shipping carriers use volumetric weight to calculate the shipping fee for packages above a certain weight.

Package Dimensions: The size of your package also matters. Larger packages may occupy more space in carriers' vehicles, leading to higher shipping fees.

Shipping Distance: The distance between the origin and destination is a significant influencer. Longer distances typically result in higher shipping costs.

Shipping Method: The shipping method you choose plays a role in the cost. Expedited or express shipping options will likely cost more than standard shipping.

Additional Services: Additional services, such as insurance, tracking, or signature confirmation, can add to the shipping expenses.

Destination and Origin: Some destinations or origins may incur higher shipping costs due to factors like remote locations or customs regulations.

By considering these six variables, you can calculate shipping costs more accurately. Many carriers offer user-friendly shipping cost calculators to help you estimate expenses based on these factors. Simply input the necessary details, and the calculator will provide an estimated shipping cost, allowing you to plan ahead and avoid any surprises.

When it comes to shipping, you have to understand the factors that affect impact pricing and methods. Let's check out the pricing and calculators of four popular shipping services: USPS, FedEx, UPS, and Heroshe. Each carrier's shipping cost calculator helps you to estimate expenses based on different factors. With these calculators, you can make informed choices for your shipping needs.

To make it easy to use the shipping cost calculator for all of these services, we will be answering a simple question: How much does it cost to ship an iPhone 14 Pro Max from the U.S. to Nigeria?

How to Estimate Shipping Costs with UPS
UPS is one of the most recognized shipping services worldwide. Their shipping cost calculator is user-friendly and provides accurate estimates based on package dimensions, weight, destination, and shipping method. To use the UPS shipping cost calculator, follow these steps:

Go to the UPS website and navigate to the “Quote” section.

If you have a discount on your UPS account, you can log in. If not, no worries, you can still use the calculator. For this example, we want to ship an iPhone 14 Pro Max from Texas, USA, to Lagos, Nigeria. The phone weighs about 8.47 ounces and has dimensions of approximately 6.33 inches in length, 3.05 inches in width, and 0.31 inches in height. Just remember, weights and dimensions are usually rounded up to the nearest whole number.

Enter the necessary details such as the pick up location, the destination, weight, and parcel dimensions.

Click on the "Get Quotes" button to receive an estimated shipping cost.

With the UPS shipping cost calculator, you can compare various shipping services they offer. This lets you choose the best shipping option for your needs. Based on the UPS shipping calculator, we can see that it will cost between $152 to $295 to ship the iPhone 14 Pro Max from the U.S. to Nigeria.

How to Estimate Shipping Costs with DHL
DHL is another popular shipping carrier known for its global reach and reliable services. Their shipping cost calculator is straightforward and provides accurate estimates based on package details and destination. To use the DHL shipping cost calculator, follow these steps:

Visit the DHL website and navigate to the “Get A Quote” section.

The best thing about DHL's shipping calculator is that it guides you through all the steps. You start by entering the origin and destination, then fill in shipment details, get an estimated quote, and even make an online booking. It's super easy!

Scroll down and select the option that best describes you: Business or Private Person. Then, proceed to fill in the origin and destination details. Zip code and city are optional, so you can skip them if you prefer. Then click on “Describe Your Shipment”.

Now, it's time to enter the required information. We'll also use the dimensions of an iPhone 14 Pro Max.

Click on the "Get a Quote" button to receive an estimated shipping cost. That’s all!

And just like that we can see from the DHL shipping cost calculator that it will cost $188 to ship the iPhone 14 Pro Max from the U.S. to Nigeria.

How to Estimate Shipping Costs with FedEx
FedEx is a well-established shipping carrier that offers a reliable network and a range of shipping options. Their shipping cost calculator is user-friendly and provides accurate estimates based on package details and destination. To use the FedEx shipping cost calculator, follow these steps:

Go to the FedEx website and click on “Rates & Transit Times”.

Enter the origin and destination.

Afterward, scroll down and provide more details about your shipment, including the date you'd like to send the item.

Click on the "Show Rates" button to receive an estimated shipping cost.

The FedEx shipping cost calculator displays two options, giving you the freedom to choose. According to the FedEx calculator, shipping the iPhone 14 Pro Max from the U.S. to Nigeria will cost between $152 to $284.

How to Estimate Shipping Costs with Heroshe
Heroshe is a trusted shipping company that specializes in shipping from the U.S. to Nigeria and Ghana. Their shipping cost calculator is designed to provide accurate estimates for shipping packages. To use the Heroshe shipping cost calculator, follow these steps:

Visit the Heroshe website and navigate to the “Pricing” page.

When you visit the pricing page, the first thing you'll notice is the shipping calculator and a clear explanation of what the fee includes. Unlike the previous three calculators, here you only need to enter the weight of the iPhone 14 Pro Max. Let's find out how much it will cost. Fingers crossed!

I hadn’t even finished writing out the weight before it calculated the shipping fee.

No way! It's only $8 to ship an iPhone 14 Pro Max from the U.S. to Nigeria with Heroshe! And I don’t have to pay for Customs duties?

WOW! Please Sign Me Up.

Q: How much does it cost to ship an iPhone 14 Pro Max, a Google Pixel or laptop from the U.S. to Nigeria?A: It costs $8 per lbs with no additional Customs duties or fees.

Comparing Shipping Costs Across Services

Let's take a look at the table to see the different shipping options and their costs. We have UPS, DHL, FedEx, and our very own Heroshe.

Shipping Service

Shipping Speed

Shipping Cost

UPS Worldwide Saver

7 days


UPS Worldwide Expedited

8 days


UPS Worldwide Plus

6 days



6 days


FedEx International Economy



FedEx International Priority




7 - 10 days


For UPS, they have three options: Worldwide Saver, Worldwide Expedited, and Worldwide Plus. The shipping speeds range from 6 to 8 days, and the costs vary from $152.62 to $294.30.

DHL is also a great choice, with a shipping speed of 6 days and a cost of $188.

Next, we have FedEx. They offer two options: International Economy and International Priority. Unfortunately, they didn’t specify the exact shipping speeds, but the costs are $152.20 and $284.02.

Now, here comes the exciting part! Our very own Heroshe offers incredible value with a super affordable shipping cost of just $8! And guess what? It takes 7 - 10 days to get your package delivered to Nigeria. Plus, the best part is that you won't be paying any additional shipping fees for customs! That's a fantastic deal, right?

Benefits of Using a Shipping Cost Calculator

A shipping cost calculator has many amazing benefits that cater to both personal and business needs. Here are some of them:

Time and Money Savings:
The shipping cost calculator helps customers compare rates easily, saving time and money. You can quickly get quotes from UPS, DHL, FedEx, and Heroshe to find the best and affordable shipping options. Heroshe's amazing $8 per lbs rate and 10-day delivery provide unbeatable value. This makes it perfect for budget-conscious customers who want reliable and fast shipping.

Transparent Shipping Costs:
When you use a shipping cost calculator, you know exactly how much you'll pay for shipping. It's transparent, so there are no hidden surprises. The calculator provides clear estimates, giving you peace of mind and helping you plan your budget effectively.

Informed Decisions:
With accurate shipping cost estimates, you can make informed decisions on shipping methods and carriers. This allows you to choose the best options that suit your specific needs, ensuring a smooth and reliable shipping experience.

How Heroshe works

Convenience and Ease:
Using a shipping cost calculator saves you valuable time and effort. Enter essential package details, and voilà! You get the estimates instantly. Heroshe's shipping calculator stands out for its simplicity and accuracy.

Enhanced Customer Experience:
If you're a business using Woocommerce, adding a shipping cost calculator is a great idea. It makes customers happier because they can see shipping costs before buying. This leads to more completed purchases and a smoother shopping experience.


Now that we've looked at shipping cost calculators, you can make smart shipping choices and have a hassle-free experience. UPS, FedEx, DHL, and our own Heroshe all have their advantages, but Heroshe's shipping cost calculator stands out for its amazing value. With this tool, you'll know exactly what to expect and avoid any surprises when sending your packages.

So, why wait any longer? Sign up with Heroshe now and join satisfied customers who enjoy love and swift delivery! Say goodbye to exorbitant shipping fees and customs duties and hello to a smoother, more informed shipping journey.

Afolabi Ojabowale

Afolabi Ojabowale

Ojabowale Afolabi is the content marketing lead at Heroshe. I have a deep passion for telling brands' stories to educate their audiences across a breadth of media and content forms.