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What Shopping Goals Can Heroshe Help You Achieve?

What Shopping Goals Can Heroshe Help You Achieve?

In the last 7 years, Heroshe has focused on being the most reliable way to shop in the USA and ship to Nigeria. Our mission is to improve the lives of our customers. We do this by helping them access affordable and quality products via online stores in the U.S.

After shopping, we ship and deliver their packages to them in Nigeria. Our services are affordable and we always deliver with speed and delight.

We Are Obsessed About Delighting Customers

I patronize two courier businesses every week. Courier ForLife is an hour away from my home while Logistics Unlimited is 30mins away. Every week, I drive to Courier ForLife because of how they make me feel. I hang around after my transaction to chat because of the happy atmosphere they create. Have you ever felt that way about any business, product or service?

We strive to make every customer's experience with Heroshe delightful. Our idea of being in business is not only to sell to our customers but to add value by delighting them. We want a deep connection with our customers. We want customers to feel a sense of joy and overwhelming happiness when they use our service.

At Heroshe, our processes are seamless. Signing up on our website, getting your free U.S. address and shopping? We keep it simple. We receive your items and we ship it to you in Nigeria with a big smile on our faces. That is our promise to every customer that chooses Heroshe.

We Are Committed To Delivering Affordable Service

We understand that creating a product/service that delivers value to customers is not a walk in the park. Customers shouldn't break the bank while trying to get value for a product or service either. That's why we bill our customers using a simple pricing system.

We are not the cheapest in the market. But, we pride ourselves in how much value we deliver at an affordable price. The value we create is in the email we send to you after we receive your items at our warehouse. Our customers never have to guess if their items have arrived. They never have to wait to buy a truckload of items before shipping. A package weighing 1 pound (lb) is the smallest package you can ship to Nigeria from the U.S. through Heroshe. To help our customers save on shipping cost, we:

  1. Repack Items: remove excess padding, leaving enough to protect items in transit.
  2. Unbox:  take items out of their boxes to avoid adding extra weight to shipment.

Fast Delivery Is Always Our #1 Goal

Heroshe ships and delivers packages from the U.S. to Nigeria within 8 - 14 days. We understand that speed is relative and it depends on how you appraise it. Superman will deliver a package in minutes while DHL can deliver the same package in days. Both are fast as long as they deliver right on time. While we wish we had Superman's abilities, our focus is on affordable and quick delivery.

Our payment solution is also seamless. Early online payment in Naira or Dollar guarantees the shipment of packages. When the packages arrive in Nigeria, we make the clearing process seamless. Customers do not have a reason or need to talk to any customs officer or pay extra fees to get their package.

We Improve Lives With Every Package We Deliver

Heroshe serves a diverse range of customers. We're blessed to have over 11,000+ customers who are improving their lives by shopping in the U.S. from Nigeria.

What kind of online shopper are you? A first-time online shopper or a professional shopper? We will be happy to serve you as well. We can help you achieve your goal of shopping in the U.S. and shipping to Nigeria.

Nothing excites us better than improving the lives of our customers as we deliver one package at a time. We are affordable and we deliver with speed and delight.

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What goal can Heroshe help you achieve? Are you looking to expand your access to global e-commerce? Please share your thoughts in the comment section.



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