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6 Amazon Seller Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

6 Amazon Seller Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

Starting any business in Nigeria is hard. There are many challenges, such as the high cost of financing and getting products to customers. With online sales on Amazon accounting for 50% of all e-commerce transactions in the United States, it is no wonder that Nigerian entrepreneurs are eyeing the platform as the next big thing. But, with great opportunity comes costly mistakes. Many newcomers to Amazon selling often fall prey to common pitfalls known as "Amazon seller mistakes," which can jeopardize their success and make them lose money.

Adetutu can testify. She saved consistently for months and launched her product line on Amazon. She listed her items, optimized her listings, and sat back, awaiting the rush of orders. However, weeks passed with little to no sales, and Adetutu was frustrated and confused. Like many aspiring sellers, Adetutu could not properly navigate the Amazon marketplace since she was unaware of the common seller mistakes. With Amazon's strict rules, stepping out of line can lead to serious consequences, like account suspension, which shows the importance of staying updated on Amazon's ever-changing regulations to avoid such penalties.

Your trusted buddy, Heroshe, is here to help you avoid these mistakes. This article explores the top 10 mistakes people make on Amazon, with easy-to-understand facts and expert tips. We want to ensure you don't end up like Adetutu, so let us begin.

Account Setup

Setting up an Amazon seller account may seem straightforward, but overlooking key details can have far-reaching consequences. Jack Daniels, Founder of, warns that violating Amazon's terms and conditions by creating multiple accounts or directing customers to external websites can result in account suspension. With 37% of sellers citing this as their greatest fear, you should pay much attention to setting up your account.

To avoid the risk of suspension, you should thoroughly familiarize yourself with Amazon's terms of service and seller policies before setting up your account. During registration, ensure you provide accurate and detailed information, including your business name, contact details, and banking information.

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Picking an Over-Saturated Niche

A common mistake among Amazon sellers is diving into over-saturated niches without conducting thorough market research. It is easy to be lured by apparent demand without considering the level of competition. Market research tools like SellerApp's Product Research can help identify a niche with the right balance of demand and competition. Overlooking this step often leads to fierce competition, making it challenging to gain visibility and traction without a substantial advertising budget.

To avoid this, pay close attention to saturation indicators, such as the number of new listings in the top 18 of a niche, the influx of new sellers, and high bid costs. These indicators show the level of competitiveness of the market landscape. You can also engage with niche communities to gain insights and discover untapped market opportunities.

Neglecting Customer Service

It is easy to get caught up with other aspects of your business and neglect customer service. However, if you want to sell on Amazon successfully, overlooking customer service can harm your reputation and sales. Danny Golubovic, an experienced Amazon FBA professional, said, "Ignoring customer feedback and reviews can harm a seller's reputation and sales." Research also shows that 65% of customers will change to a different brand because of a poor experience, highlighting the impact of customer experience on brand loyalty.

Ignoring customer feedback and reviews can harm a seller's reputation and sales.

To avoid this, focus on proactive strategies like team training to ensure everyone is knowledgeable about Amazon's policies and products. Implement CRM tools to manage customer interactions efficiently and emphasize feedback to improve continuously. Be cautious of common Amazon seller mistakes like slow responses, weekend downtime, and ignoring customer feedback, as these can damage your brand's trust. Exceptional customer service involves clear communication, swift issue resolution, and acknowledging mistakes with positive language. Following up with customers after resolving their concerns builds loyalty and encourages repeat business.

Improper Amazon Product Listing

Your Amazon product listing serves as your storefront on Amazon, making it crucial to get it right. Statistics reveal that a third of product decisions are based on packaging, emphasizing the importance of presenting your product as appealing to your target audience. Avoid common Amazon seller mistakes, such as using incorrect images or including promotional text in the title, as these can deter potential customers and lead to negative reviews.

Here are key strategies to optimize your listings:

  • Product Description Guidelines: Keep titles under 200 characters, avoid special characters and promotional phrases, and ensure the first letter of each word is capitalized. For the product description, Nasir Mahmood advises, "In your product description, don’t just deceive your visitors and tell them how good your product is. Rather, tell them what benefit they will get when buying your product or how it will help them."
  • Image Requirements: Use high-resolution images with a pure white background. The product should cover at least 80% of the image area and avoid adding promotional text.
  • Prioritize Visual Appeal: High-quality images and videos are not just recommended; they are essential. Ensure your main photo adheres to Amazon's guidelines, using a white background and clearly showing the product. You should also include additional images that show the product from different angles.
  • Keywords: Integrate relevant keywords throughout your listing to improve SEO. However, avoid keyword stuffing, which can detract from the user experience.
  • Get Help: You can avoid most Amazon seller mistakes when you team up with a trusted digital marketing agency. These experts focus on making your product stand out and attracting customers. They know the ins and outs of Amazon's rules, helping you avoid errors.

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Inadequate Attention to Order Fulfillment

Ensuring orders are fulfilled smoothly is crucial for Amazon sellers. Managing orders and automating repetitive tasks like printing shipping labels and updating tracking information can save time and improve accuracy. You should also evaluate your fulfilment process regularly to identify any inefficiencies or bottlenecks that could delay deliveries. 

By adopting strategic inventory practices, such as ordering products in advance and adjusting prices based on stock levels, you can prevent stock shortages and maintain customer satisfaction. Partnering with reliable shipping carriers further enhances the success of the fulfilment process, ensuring timely deliveries and happy customers.

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Asking for customer reviews

Requesting customer reviews is an important aspect of building credibility on Amazon, but it must be done carefully to comply with Amazon's guidelines. You can politely request reviews through order confirmation emails or include tasteful inserts in packages. Another way to streamline the process is by using feedback tools that align with Amazon's policies.

Please avoid prohibited practices like offering incentives for reviews or posting reviews of your products. Non-compliance with Amazon's review policies can result in severe consequences, including removing reviews, product delisting, and even legal action. To encourage authentic feedback, you should ask your buyers for reviews, stay informed about Amazon's terms of service updates, and focus on measuring customer satisfaction to drive genuine product reviews.

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Stepping into Amazon's marketplace can be both promising and perilous, as Adetutu learned the hard way. You should keep these common Amazon seller mistakes — and how to avoid them — in mind. 

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Frequently Asked Questions About Amazon Seller Mistakes

What should I not do when selling on Amazon?
Avoid violating Amazon's terms of service, choosing oversaturated niches without research, neglecting customer service, improper product listings, inadequate attention to order fulfillment, and asking for reviews.

What are the problems new Amazon sellers face?
New Amazon sellers often struggle with understanding Amazon's rules, competition, gaining visibility, managing inventory and fulfillment, optimizing product listings, and building credibility with customers.

What is the hardest part of selling on Amazon?
The hardest part about selling on Amazon is often figuring out what to sell. This process involves extensive market research, analyzing trends, understanding customer preferences, and identifying profitable niches. With millions of products already available on the platform and fierce competition among sellers, I would say this is the hardest part.

How can I avoid choosing an oversaturated niche on Amazon?
To avoid entering an oversaturated niche, you should conduct thorough market research using tools like SellerApp's Product Research. Look for niches with the right balance of demand and competition, and pay attention to saturation indicators such as the number of new listings, influx of new sellers, and bid costs.

Is it worthwhile starting up on Amazon FBA?
While Amazon FBA offers benefits like access to Amazon's customer base and Prime eligibility, success requires careful planning, research, and execution to overcome challenges and maximize profitability.

What to avoid selling on Amazon FBA?
Avoid selling restricted or prohibited categories, products with high competition and low margins, perishable goods, oversized or heavy items, and counterfeit or infringing products.

Can anyone be successful with Amazon FBA?
While success is possible, it depends on factors like product selection, market research, marketing, customer service, and adaptability. Success requires dedication, hard work, and continuous learning.

Afolabi Ojabowale

Afolabi Ojabowale

Ojabowale Afolabi is the content marketing lead at Heroshe. I have a deep passion for telling brands' stories to educate their audiences across a breadth of media and content forms.