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What are Shipping Fees, and Why Do They Matter?

What are Shipping Fees, and Why Do They Matter?

Shipping fees are an unavoidable part of the online shopping experience. Whether you're ordering a small item or a large, bulky one, you'll likely have to pay an additional fee to have it delivered to your doorstep. But what exactly are shipping fees, and why do they matter?

As a buyer, I’d say shipping fees are part of the reasons why I’ll make a purchasing decision or not. I once wanted to buy this fancy table that would enable me to work effectively from my bed. It was priced at N7000, and I thought it fair. But on the checkout page, I saw N117,000 as the total amount I needed to pay. The first question I asked was how? Apparently, the delivery fee was more than a hundred thousand, and I just had to forfeit that purchase because there was no way I would pay a delivery fee of N100,000+ on a single item.

Forfeiting the purchase meant losing the item and the seller losing the revenue that would have come from that sale. In the big world of eCommerce, shipping fees are important to buyers and sellers, and in this article, we'll explore what they mean, why they are important and how to calculate them.
What are Shipping Fees?

Shipping fees are the costs of transporting goods from one location to another. They include the costs incurred by the carriers for handling, processing, and delivering packages or parcels. Shipping fees are necessary for eCommerce transactions as they help to determine the total cost of a product.

Why Shipping Fees Important

Infrastructure and Resources:
Shipping fees help support the infrastructure needed for transportation and delivery of goods. This could include maintaining the fleet of vehicles and delivery bikes, sorting facilities, and warehouses. To a large extent, they also cover the costs of employing staff to take care of the handling and packaging of these items.

Service Quality and Reliability:
They enable carriers to invest in the technology that will help improve their business offerings and make them more reliable. This includes real-time tracking, notifications, and efficient route planning to ensure timely and secure deliveries.

Market Competition and Innovation:
They also drive competition and innovation in the logistics industry. Carriers strive to offer competitive rates and value-added services to attract customers. This competition encourages companies to use better technology, offer improved services, and become more efficient in their operations.

Types of Shipping Fees

Flat-Rate Shipping:
Flat-rate shipping involves charging a uniform fee for shipping regardless of the weight, size, or distance the package needs to travel. This makes things simple and predictable for both businesses and consumers as they get to know the exact prices involved in shipping. It is commonly used for regular or budget-friendly shipping, making it an attractive choice for customers seeking affordable shipping solutions.

Variable Shipping Rates:
This calculates shipping fees based on either the weight of the package or the distance it needs to be transported. Heavier packages or those travelling farther distances cost higher shipping fees. This approach ensures that the shipping cost accurately reflects the resources and effort required to transport the package to its destination.

Expedited Shipping Rates:
Expedited shipping rates involve higher fees in exchange for faster delivery times. This option caters to customers who require urgent or timely deliveries.

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Factors Influencing Shipping Fees

Shipping fees are influenced by certain factors, which include:

Package Weight and Dimensions:
One of the things that affect how much it costs to ship something is how heavy and big it is. If a package is heavy or takes up a lot of space, it'll cost more to send.

Distance and Shipping Destination:
Where the package is going is another important factor. If it's going a long distance, it can cost more. This is because it takes more time, fuel, and resources to get the package to a distant location.

Delivery Speed and Service Level:
How fast you want the package delivered also affects the cost. If you need it to arrive really quickly, it might cost more because the shipping company has to put in extra effort to make sure it gets there on time.

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Importance of Transparent Shipping Fees

One of the most important things to consider when creating shipping fees is transparency. Most times, some shady carriers will try to extort money from their customers while fronting delivery fees as the reason. Transparent delivery fees help in:

Building Trust with Customers:
When businesses are open and clear about their shipping fees, it helps build customer trust. Nobody likes surprises, especially when it comes to costs. When customers know exactly what they'll be paying for shipping, it creates a sense of reliability and honesty, leading to stronger relationships.

Transparent shipping fees with Heroshe

Avoiding Cart Abandonment and Customer Dissatisfaction:
Hidden or unexpectedly high shipping fees can be a major turn-off for customers. It's like showing them one price and then surprising them with another at checkout. This can lead to customers leaving their shopping carts and not completing their purchases. Transparent shipping fees help avoid this frustration, reducing cart abandonment rates and preventing customer dissatisfaction.

Customer Expectations and Shipping Fees

When customers shop online, they want a smooth and hassle-free experience. Clear information about shipping fees is a big part of that. It helps them understand exactly what they're paying for and what to expect regarding delivery costs. This clarity enhances the overall online shopping experience and leaves them feeling more confident and satisfied with their purchases.

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Shipping fees can play a significant role in whether or not a customer decides to purchase. If the shipping cost is too high or unclear, it might discourage a potential buyer. On the other hand, if the shipping fees are reasonable and transparent, it can be a positive factor that encourages customers to go ahead and complete their purchases.

Offering Free Shipping

Free shipping is a powerful tool for businesses to convert potential customers into actual buyers. When customers see that they won't have to pay extra for shipping, it encourages them to purchase. It can be a strong motivator that encourages them to go ahead and complete their order, knowing that they're getting a great deal.

While free shipping can be a great incentive, businesses need to consider the costs and logistics involved carefully. They'll need to factor in the expense of covering shipping fees and ensure it's financially viable. Additionally, setting clear conditions for free shipping (such as minimum order amounts) can help balance attracting customers and maintaining profitability.

Calculating Shipping Fees

Businesses have access to various tools and methods to calculate shipping fees accurately. These may include specialised software, online shipping cost calculators, and services provided by shipping carriers. These tools consider factors like package weight, dimensions, destination, and chosen shipping method to provide accurate cost estimates.

A picture showing the Heroshe shipping calculator

These tools automate the fee calculation process and ensure accuracy and efficiency. They also help businesses select the most cost-effective shipping options and provide customers with transparent and reliable shipping cost information at checkout.


In today's fast-paced world of online shopping, knowing exactly what you'll be paying for shipping is crucial. Transparent pricing builds trust and confidence, empowering you to make informed choices. At Heroshe, we take pride in our commitment to clarity. Our dedicated pricing page provides insights into the costs of shipping items from the UK and the USA to Nigeria and Ghana.

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Ilaya Teejay

Ilaya Teejay

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